The HIGH Count/ess is a visual manifesto. The Countess has created this video work for herself, not the Children of Eve, although there is something titillating to her about humans seeing her body. The manifesto outlines her understanding of her body as a sexual object. She surrounds and adorns herself with the objects that are important to her, her body being one of them. Unafraid to be a tchotchke she is willing and able to collect objects that bring her pleasure. She indulges in luxury as she conquers the pleasure that she wants and deserves. She has no feelings in these moments and makes no sound, the feeling is private, a Child of Eve in the hallway outside would never know of the decadence that she is involved with.

The need to accept and understand the self as one with the body is imperative to the mission of the Countess. Unlike the many Children of Eve who bear semblance to her, she feels no shame. This manifesto represents how she sees her body although she realizes it may seem confusing to some Children of Eve. She asks that if a Child of Eve stumbles upon this video that they do not judge her body by its marked social or biological potential. She implores Children of Eve to think of her flesh as the tchotchke in great-grandmother’s den. The taste, smell, and appropriation of this object will bring them such pleasure. Ultimately her manifesto asserts to herself that she is attractive, an object of choice on Canal Street or under the L train.